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Hi, we’re Blixt.

A mission-driven investment firm, we partner with small, private organizations who share our passion for building extraordinary 
high-growth companies that thrive.

While the destination aligns us, it is the process that fuels our creative mindset, relentless curiosity, lean-in attitude and humble ambition. Through this, we uncover a company’s unrealised value and identify its transformational potential.

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At Blixt, we combine the expertise of an industry leader with a commitment to innovation. Our team focuses Pan-European opportunities primarily in the UK, Nordics, and Western Europe. With a flat structure and an agile approach, we prioritise integrity, creativity, and a shared sense of purpose. Learn more about the values and people that make Blixt a unique and powerful partner for your business.

Meet the Team

6 to 8

Pan-European Investments per Fund

We focus on making 6 to 8 high-conviction investments per fund, allowing us to provide intensive support and resources to each portfolio company.


Experts at Work

Our dedicated team of 12 industry experts brings a wealth of knowledge and specialized skills to ensure your business achieves its highest potential.


Revenue Range

Our target investments range from €20 to €100 million in revenue, positioning us to help mid-sized companies scale and reach new heights of success.

Empowering your vision 
with expertise and capital

At Blixt, we believe that great companies are built by diverse teams empowered to be maximally creative. Our approach combines financial capital with strategic and operational expertise, ensuring your vision transforms into a thriving, high-growth reality. Discover how our partnership-driven model can drive your organization's success.

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We’re looking for businesses with big potential and we’re hiring top talent to join our team. Let’s join forces.

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